TERRATECH-14 Joe Cristina and Victor Cajiao talk about the making of the Surrender CD by Victor Cajiao

In this show, my musical partner Joe Cristina and I talk about the behind the scenes of making our new CD Surrender. We get into compositional elements, technology etc. Join us in this behind the scenes talk with my best friend Joe.

Show Notes

Surrender CD on CDBaby

You can also find Surrender on iTunes, Apple Play, Amazon , Spotify, etc. Go check it out


TerraTech -09 Edward Brawer Watch maker and Software Developer by Victor Cajiao

Today I interview Edward Brawer from Brawer Time Pieces  Edward makes custom boutique watches and is also a software developer. We talk about he technology it takes to design and manufacture customs watches, as well as his software development company the makers of Ubar.

TerraTech-06 Victor talks El Capitan-Apple TV-iPadPro and more by Victor Cajiao

This month I'm still trying to line up guests, so I have provided my thoughts for the last month,, as well as my experience with El Capitan, Apple TV and iPadPro. I also rant a bit about life. Enjoy.

TerraTech- 03 Using LUTs in Final Cut Pro X by Victor Cajiao

Today I'm doing a short screencast on how to use LUT's with Final Cut Pro X. I hope you enjoy it.  To watch the screencast in HD, please press the HD button and you'll be taken to the Vimeo page. 

Apologies for saying TerraTech.com instead of .tech duh.  


Click HERE to see the video 

TerraTech-02 Camera Sensors and software film emulation explained by Victor Cajiao

Show Notes and Links

Peter Griffiths on Twitter @theFujiGuy

FUJI History

FUJIFILM Innovation history

FUJIFILM Color reproduction in their cameras


Fuji film APS-C 16M X-Trans CMOSS II Sensor and EXR Processor II combination

FUJIFIM X Series Cameras



Simple Explanation of the FUJIFIIM emulations modes I use on the X100T and the X-10T

  • Provia Standard which was a standard color reproduction film that was originally created for slide reproductions and discontinued in the film format in 2003 . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provia

  • Velvia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvia . Introduced in 1990 Primary usage: Landscape and nature scenes.

  • Astia/ Soft which provides a soft tone palette with less saturation (intensity of color) Primary usage: Fashion, portraits, interior, products

  • Monochrome with color filters. This film simulations allows you to reproduce a black and white image with more contrast and even simulate the additions  Yellow, Green and Red filters to tune your image further into an esthetic  that is pleasing to the photographer. 



Welcome to the TerraTech Podcast by Victor Cajiao

Welcome to TerraTech Podcast. On this podcast we will explore the world of technology that we love.

Your host Victor Cajiao will be joined by both tech enthusiasts as well as professionals to talk bout the computers, software, mobile devices,home automation, photography, science, audio and video production,design and even the technology of cooking.

If it involves technology, you will hear about it on the podcast. Please let your friends know about our show and have them join us as we discover TerraTech.